Digital transformation yadda-yadda: What do your employees really think?

Source from Digital News Asia

  • 65% of employees in APAC are satisfied, not so much in Malaysia and Singapore
  • Satisfied workers likely to leave, unhappy ones likely to stay … wait, what?!

WHILE digital transformation consumes organisations across the world, how have workplaces responded to the new era of the digital workforce? Have they cracked the code of keeping employees happy, and have they solved the issues around talent retention?

Well, according to a study conducted by research firm IDC, commissioned by cloud-based human resource (HR) management company Workday Inc, the results in Asia Pacific are mixed: 30% of employees are ‘very satisfied’ and 35% ‘moderately satisfied.’

The study surveyed over 500 people of different generations across seven countries, including Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore…

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