BEAM aims to transform the startup ecosystem into a community

Source from Digital News Asia

By Lum Ka Kay | Jul 11, 2016
  • ‘By-invitation-only’ community has over 400 users on its platform
  • Events held in Malaysia, Singapore and Japan picking up momentum
The BEAM team: Founder and CEO Kenneth Ho (middle), flanked by cofounders Wallace Ho (left) and Benjamin Tan (right).

KUALA Lumpur-based Gaptionize Services Sdn Bhd has developed a new platform called BEAM, aimed at fostering greater collaboration between entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and yes, even journalists.

According to founder and chief executive officer Kenneth Ho, BEAM stands for “bridging entrepreneurs and movers.”

“We’ve always believed that people connect through communities – a community ensures the quality of the people and the relationships between people; hence it also fosters collaboration in a trusted environment,” he said.

Rolling out BEAM as a mobile app platform would provide a seamless way for the startup ecosystem players to find each other and communicate easily, he told Digital News Asia (DNA) via email recently.

Gaptionize also developed social networking platform Gaption, where users are rewarded monetarily for sharing content on the platform.

Ho said the BEAM community is an “exclusive” one, as individuals can only join by invitation.

“Individuals interested in joining the community or registering for an account on the app are required to provide an invitation code upon registering.

“These codes can easily be obtained from a friend who is a member of the community or by requesting an invite from our website,” he said……

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