The movement revolution

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  • Sportboleh strikes global technology partnership with endurance sports brand IRONMAN  
  • Success result of many tiny but mighty elements – including CGP

(Left to Right) Dina Abd Rahaman, Business Manager, Joseph Dolcetti, co-founder/CEO, Pat Potvin, co-founder and Exogen Ironman customers Graham Elliot and Sally Elliot.

“DO you want to run faster than your friends? Then use EXOGEN™.” This is how Joseph Dolcetti describes his company’s product. He may sound like a seasoned business owner but the co-founder of Sportboleh Sdn Bhd never thought that he would one day become an entrepreneur.

“I became an entrepreneur as a result of following my passion in sport sciences and a desire to create something that I knew was needed,” he says. “Forming the company was just another step in this continuing process. Becoming an entrepreneur was the result, not the goal.” Dolcetti incorporated Sportboleh in 2009, along with his co-founders Sean Andrew Sturgess, Haflil Feiruz Md Feisol, Susanna Olovsson, and Patrick Potvin.

Brutal honesty

Dolcetti, a high performance coach who trains athletes and coaches, became inspired when researching the process of bringing an invention into the market. “One of the many books I was reading at the time was called The Inventor’s Bible, which had a chapter on the process of determining the channels to commercialise your invention,” he says.

“This included a detailed checklist of factors needed if you were going to choose the most challenging of all the potential avenues: forming your own company and commercialising the invention yourself.”

One of the salient points from the book that struck Dolcetti was; if you could not check 80% or more of the factors, your idea was unlikely to succeed commercially. “I spent a week being brutally honest with myself, going through that checklist several times and I kept coming up very strong on the list. Starting LILA movementechnology™ made sense and was certainly the most adventurous route, so off I went,” he says. LILA movementechnology™ is the brand under Sportboleh.

The way we move

The company’s first product line is the EXOGEN™ EXOSKELETON and Dolcetti says that it is the world’s most advanced wearable resistance compression wear. “It provides lightweight body loading from as little as 50 grammes up to 15% of your weight to any part of your body for any sport or activity.” The company’s customers are active in all sports, fitness, and outdoor activities and its products are aimed at improving the way people move.

“If you are an athlete then that means we create technologies and methodologies like the EXOGEN™ line to help you achieve excellence in your sport, whether that means helping you win the Olympic gold medal, running your first 10km race, or getting a college athletic scholarship,” he elaborates. “If you are returning from an injury, then our technologies will support your rehabilitation and return to daily work.”

Strong IP protection

A strong believer in intellectual property (IP) Dolcetti says Sportboleh has applied for three trademarks, filed in two different classifications
“We also already have three patents filed worldwide on the EXOGEN Line in all major markets (USA, EU, CHINA, etc) with a fourth now in drafting for our soon to be launched “Gunslinger” upper-body ARM-WEB – straight from the pages of the Avengers!”……

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